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Mar 27, 2024
DRBSM: A Game changer for domestic and international trade
The India Rubber Expo (IRE) 2004 in Mumbai witnessed a groundbreaking development with the introduction of the Domestic Reverse Buyer-Seller Meet (DRBSM). This initiative marked a paradigm shift...
Fornnax Technology to supply machinery to Tyre Collection Australia
With increasing demand for tyre shred globally, rubber machinery manufacturers in India are gearing up to meet demand of the overseas units. India being the largest importer of...
Arlanxeo presents sustainable and innovative synthetic rubber solutions at India Rubber Expo 2024
Arlanxeo, a global leader in performance elastomers, unveiled its sustainable and innovative rubber portfolios at India Rubber Expo 2024, underlining its commitment to serving the customers in Indian...
Rubber India
45-day MSME payment rule to be implemented from April 1
To ensure timely payments to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, a new regulation will be implemented from April 1. This regulation requires companies to settle...
Cabot to close reinforcing CB unit at China facility
Cabot Corp. has posted restructuring charges of over $8 million for the planned closure of its reinforcing carbons unit in Tianjin, China. In a Feb. 8 SEC filing...
EU adopts harmonized exposure limit values for diisocyanates
The European Parliament and Council adopted new exposure limit values for diisocyanates - published in the Official Journal of the European Union-that have been welcomed by trade associations...
Michelin shares first results in understanding tire and road wear particles
At Tire Technology Expo 2024, Michelin unveiled advances aimed at deepening the understanding of tire and road wear particles, presenting the first research results to the scientific community...
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