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Nov 25, 2020
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“A robust growth in the automotive industry coupled with the developments in the defence, aerospace, infrastructure, Pharma and allied industries would directly help the growth of the Indian rubber industry. “The Indian Rubber Goods Industry (Tyre & Non-tyre) has witnessed a slump since 2019 which in turn has catered to sluggish growth in the business volume and margins. The Govt. has imposed anti-dumping duty on various inputs for rubber goods viz. SBR, PBR, NBR, Carbon Black, FKM etc., These inputs are indispensable and fundamental ingredients for the Rubber Goods Industry.

The Non-tyre rubber industry is highly vulnerable to supply disruptions & a fair pricing of these essential raw materials is key to the growth of the industry. Despite the continued demand supply gap, imposition of trade barriers do not give an impression of being a down to earth remedy for suppliers/ manufacturers of raw materials. Rather it is required of the raw material suppliers to gauge the increasing demands of the rubber product manufacturers and work towards increasing production & productivity whilst improving quality & competitiveness of essential items. Protectionism in the form of tariff and other trade barriers consistently benefits one sector to the detriment of the consumers. The anti-dumping only favors one or few domestic producers whereas countless manufacturing units of the rubber product are in peril. The Govt. may focus for immediate termination / cessation of anti-dumping duty on import of above mentioned inputs used in various rubber applications.

- V. T. Chandhrasekharan, President of All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA)


“The overall Covid situation has been really nasty for health or overall business prospective. This situation arises once in 100 years to pull you aback and shower challenges from almost all prospective. For business I believe manpower plays a very vital role. I would say, we should have ‘automation workforce’ for manufacturing to start and come back on track.”

- Shailendra Agarwal, CEO, Bharat Enterprises

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