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May 08, 2024
Malaysian rubber glove makers target new industry standards

The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (Margma) is exploring the establishment of common standards for Malaysian-manufactured rubber gloves. The standards will cover areas including product-lifecycle assessment, traceability and the application of fair labour conditions, the industry association announced 19 April. Delivery, it said, will involve collaboration with stakeholders and leveraging blockchain technologies to enhance traceability and certification within the supply-chain.

"As the rubber glove industry navigates through challenges and opportunities, Margma remains committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices,” it stated. Margma is ‘actively collaborating’ with the Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC) and Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) to support members in adopting sustainable practices.

A key aim, therefore, is to ensure that 'eco-friendly' gloves are included in Malaysian sustainable natural rubber initiatives.

"Integrating sustainability into business practices becomes our industry key focus to address environmental concerns, reduce carbon footprint, and enhance brand reputation,” said Margma president Oon Kim Hung. This could involve initiatives such as eco-friendly manufacturing processes, waste reduction, and renewable energy adoption.

Association members have made "substantial progress” towards compliance with the EU deforestation regulation and corporate sustainability due diligence directive," Oon added. Other areas of work include the automation and digitalization of upstream and downstream processes to address labour shortages and optimize efficiencies, Margma's president noted.

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© Copyright All India Rubber Industries Association. All Rights Reserved.