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Sep 07, 2022
Birla extends use of Aspen software at nine sites

Bedford, Massachusetts - Birla Carbon is scaling up its deployment of industrial software from Aspen Technology Inc. across nine sites globally, Aspen announced 24 Aug.

According to Aspen, its AIoT technology will enable Birla to "accelerate enterprise visibility via an integrated approach to manage Industrial AI applications". 

The data generated will help reduce complexity, lower total cost of ownership, and enhance the capability of employees to optimize productivity, the vendor added.

As an existing user of AspenTech's AI solutions, Birla "has decided to scale and achieve greater enterprise visibility", said Santosh Panday, Birla Carbon's AGM, manufacturing IT, digital & OT. 

The programme, he said, involves adding software, including Aspen InfoPlus.21 and aspenONE Process Explorer, across nine manufacturing sites worldwide. 

"With a more extensive rollout of the necessary work tools planned, Birla Carbon's employees are now in a better position to achieve safety, efficiency, and sustainability goals", stated Panday.

Birla operates 16 manufacturing facilities, for a combined annual production capability of over two million tons.

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© Copyright All India Rubber Industries Association. All Rights Reserved.