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Sep 08, 2021
Apcotex Industries Limited to expand Nitrile Latex capacity In India:

Apcotex Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Synthetic Latex (Styrene-Butadiene, Vinyl Pyridine and Styrene Acrylic latex) and Synthetic Rubber (NBR, HSR and NBR-PVC and NBR powder) in India. The company has one of the broadest range of Emulsion Polymers available in the market today catering to various industries such as paper, paperboard, construction, carpet, tyre, textiles, footwear, auto components, rice de-husking rollers, hoses and several industrial rubber applications.

Apcotex has developed unique, high-quality, cost-effective grades of Nitrile latex for Synthetic Rubber Gloves and has been manufacturing and selling Nitrile Latex from their current plants for the last couple of years. Apcotex has recently announced a Nitrile Latex capacity expansion of 60,000 MT p.a. at their existing plant locations in India. These projects are scheduled to be completed by Q3 of 2022. The plants will be designed for flexibility to manufacture a few existing products as required. Nitrile latex is used in the production of Nitrile gloves used in the healthcare and industrial segments. This capacity will be further expanded to 90,000 MT p.a. in the next phase as the global demand for nitrile gloves is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.

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© Copyright All India Rubber Industries Association. All Rights Reserved.