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Jun 16, 2021
ANRPC Releases Natural Rubber Trends May 2021

The world has changed after pandemic landed in a year ago and more. Most countries are still battling with Covid-19 and its mutation variants, millions of lives taken by the pandemic and reshuffled the ordinance of people and economy under a new norm of standard operation procedures during this pandemic era.

Based on the preliminary estimates up to May 2021, the world production of natural rubber (NR) in 2021 is anticipated to grow at 5.8%, year-on-year, to 13.812 million tonnes; while world demand of NR is estimated at 6.7% growth to 13.679 million tonnes in the same reference period. This revised outlook has projected a relatively balanced global NR market for the prevailing year. 

Despite solid post-pandemic recovery led by two giant economies, China and United States, managing pandemic with low infection rate is still key for smooth recovery for all countries. The high broken records daily infection cases in some ASEAN countries may have given indirectly impact to the rubber economy through the various covid-19 restriction measures to contain the pandemic. 

Mass inoculation programme is crucial to revive the economy and livelihood for all, hence attaining herd immunity requires countries to speed up their vaccination programme – regional cooperation such as ASEAN and China have pledged for greater vaccine cooperation for ensuring vaccines supply distribution to tackle this pandemic. 

The incessant support and cooperation extended by the esteemed users, statistical correspondents, and stakeholders are once again gratefully acknowledged.

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© Copyright All India Rubber Industries Association. All Rights Reserved.