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Nov 27, 2019
DC MSME to conduct study to evaluate export potential & readiness of MSMEs across sectors

Targeting USD 100 billion of exports from Indian by 2020, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises wants to conduct a research and study to evaluate and enable readiness of MSMEs to export their products and services.

The study will help recognize areas where improvements are required in order to be able to export efficiently and it will also support in the integration of Indian MSMEs into the Global Value Chain (GVC).

The Ministry of MSME has undertaken a strategic plan for unlocking the potential of MSME Exports through its schemes and programs to enable access to foreign markets for Indian MSMEs.

It has also identified challenges faced by the MSMEs which include - Limited information about products & services in demand; Working of the foreign markets, and in particular difficulties in accessing export distribution channels and in connecting with overseas customers; No or zero awareness on IPR issues and various International Trade Agreements (ITAs) etc.

To work on these challenges and achieve the set target, the DC-MSME wants to have a Market Research & Competitive Analysis of the Potential of Merchandise Exports across specific sectors along with tariff lines, current exports and potential thereof.

Through the study, detailed analysis of merchandise trade and routes with Trade and partnership potential can be known.

In this context, the Office of Development Commissioner, Ministry of MSME has called for proposals from experienced Foreign Trade Institutes / Social enterprises engaged in the area of research and studies for MSME development Non Profit Institutions & Industry Organisations to submit proposals for undertaking Research / Studies / Survey / Knowledge Papers, to enable the ministry to create a knowledge base for MSME development and exports promotion.

The study will help in identifying HS based potential products imported by Target countries, purely relating to MSMEs and the Indian share of imported products with the Competing Country Data.

It will also help identify Tariff lines, FTA access, market price points & other considerations for MSME exports5. Market Access & Entry Strategy for MSME products.

The other challenges identified by the MSME Ministry are lack of awareness on export promotion and assistance programmes offered by the government; Unfamiliarity with legal and regulatory frameworks of the exporting and importing countries; Unable to meet importer's quality standards and establishing suitable design and image for the export market; and Time-consuming and cumbersome documentation process required to comply with foreign and domestic market regulations.

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© Copyright All India Rubber Industries Association. All Rights Reserved.